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Bath Bomb Co- 100% Natural Shower Steamers


Shower Steamers Shrink Wrapped & Sold Individually $2.99 each. Please select from the drop-down tab above.


Shower & Facial Steamers

How to Use: There are three ways to use steamers. First, you can use them in the shower by getting the steamer damp and placing it on the ledge in the shower away from the direct water flow. Let the aroma release slowly as you shower. When you are almost done, place the steamer in the palm of your hand, hold it close to your face and enjoy the aromatherapy. The second way to use the steamer is to place it in a bowl of hot, steamy water, lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to enjoy the aroma. Lastly, you can use the steamers as a mini bath bomb. We find that mothers of more than one child love to use these little gems so that each child gets their own bath fizzy!