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Beediverse- Mason Bee, Cardboard Nesting Replacements


The Mason Bee Starter Cottage contains 20 cardboard nesting tube replacements. In early spring, wild mason bees search for nest sites such as the Starter Cottage. Mason bee cocoons can also be bought & placed inside or near the Starter Cottage. In the fall, the bee cocoons are removed from the tubes for annual cleaning and storage. Replacement tubes are then used for the next year. 

  • Includes 20 cardboard nesting tubes (need to be replaced yearly)

 Mason bees are pretty cool to have in a garden. After emerging from their long winter sleep, bees emerge and visit flowers to collect pollen. They come back to the nest covered in pollen to feed their young. Harvest your Cocoons in October, clean and store in the fridge crisper for hibernation until next May. One box contains at least 10 cocoons. ( 5 females & 5 males) Boxes can be set out adjacent to nesting tunnels in readiness for blossom time.