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Soy Candles 100%, Sparkle Jar-Rosalinde Blake Collection


The LUXURY Sparkle Candles include a Designer Glass & Gift Box.
They start with a meticulously blended candle and then add some Sparkle!
Beautiful fashion fine jewellery or a real Canadian Gold Nugget. Jewellery is valued between $10 - $500, depending on the piece received. The jewellery is either a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings (sizes are random). The gold nugget comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - a unique gift indeed! 
Every spring as the sun warms the snowpack and the ice starts to melt, another season of gold panning is about to start.  The rivers along the historic Gold Rush Trail are filled with new nuggets that are released from the mountainous rock by the rushing water.
Welcome to Princeton British Columbia, Canada where two Rivers (the Similkameen and Tulameen) each call out to gold panners on their claims to search for this precious metal we call gold.
These candles are artisan created in Princeton, where the land is rugged, rustic, and the gold is real.
Buy one for yourself of for someone precious in your life.
Double Wicked 12 oz Glass Tumbler
Burn time: Average of 30-50 hours (the size of the jewelry container determines the burn time)
Designer labeled box for elegant gift giving. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable.
Enjoy the simplicity, elegance and quality of these hand-poured luxury candles. Made from pure essential and premium oils and non-GMO  soy wax, the luxury scented candles come in reusable and earth-friendly packaging. The labels are removed easily with hot water so you can reuse the container anywhere in your home.