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Woodwick- Crackling Candle, Trilogy-Cozy Cabin


Blended with sustainable soy wax for an extra long, slow & clean burn, these lovely candles are also made with an organic wooden wick which creates the soothing sound of a crackling log fire. This magical crackle and their outstanding fragrance blends, which have been masterfully created by expert perfumers, really set these candles apart from the norm. 

Everyday can be a weekend at a cabin in the woods with three layers of memories in the mountains or by the lake.

Evening Bonfire (warm woods), Oudwood (amber, oudwood, creamy vanilla and undertones of smoked incense), and Wood Smoke (cedar and smoking embers) make up the fragrances in this cozy collection.

Make your home always feel like a vacation with the Cozy Cabin Trilogy