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Sizzle Lighters - Vogue


The LED Vogue lighter will light cigarettes and small cigars as well as candles, incense, mosquito coils and campfires. This LED lighter displays the battery level so you know when to charge it. Pressing the power button will ignite the lighter. As a safety feature the lighter will stay on for 9 seconds and automatically shut off or manually when you close the lid.

Product name: LED Vogue Lighter ZZ-102F
Battery capacity: 220 mAh
Battery: polymer lithium ion battery
Charge voltage: DC 5 V
Charge time: 1- 2 hours
Material: metal, zinc alloy
Battery life: 100 recharges
Safety features: after 9 seconds of ignition the lighter automatically shuts off
Lighter weight: 75 g
Lighter size: 74*36*12 mm