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Garlic Box- Garlicky Bread Dipper w/ Blue Cheese


Pour off a 1/2 cup into a shallow dish and serve with a fresh French loaf for dipping your bread pieces.

Marinade cut potatoes, meat or vegetables with the Super Garlicky Bread Dipper in a zip lock bag before roasting. Toss with pasta. Brush on pizza crust. We use real blue cheese, no artificial flavours.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar (6% acidic by volume), granulated garlic, garlic chips, tomato flakes, dehydrated blue cheese (milk solids, maltodextrin, sodium citrate), lemon juice (sodium bisulphite). garlic scapes, roasted garlic, basil, parsley, fresh garlic, coarse sea salt, oregano, roasted garlic oil essence, seasonings

375 ml/12 fl oz


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