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Healthy Sea Socks, Men's Collection


Shop sustainable socks for men that are super soft and seamless. These socks made of old fishing nets feel comfortable on your feet and clean up the ocean.
EUR sizes 41-46
UK sizes 7.5-11.5
CDN size 8-11
✓ 100% Special
✓ 28% Regenerated ECONYL® nylon
✓ 70% GOTS organic cotton
✓ 2% Elastane


With Healthy Seas Socks you’re saving the ocean by purchasing soft and comfortable socks. That is because Healthy Seas Socks are partially made of old fishing nets. These so-called ghost nets are abandoned or lost in the ocean. By recovering them, corals get a chance to flourish again on the bottom of the ocean, sea animals won’t get stuck in it and it prevents further plastic pollution.

In collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative, ghost nets are recovered from the ocean to transform them into regenerated nylon. Healthy Seas Socks combines regenerated nylon with 100% organic GOTS cotton. That is how a seemingly simple sock changes into an easy opportunity to contribute to a better world.

Your wearing comfort is just as important and that is why all Healthy Seas Socks have a flat toe seam to prevent any painful pressure points. On top of that, the broadened rim makes sure that your socks stay put all day long.

With Healthy Seas Socks on your feet, you’re a step closer to a cleaner ocean.