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Banz- Baby Mini Bluetooth Earmuffs


Planning on taking baby to loud sporting events, concerts, or on airplane rides. Want to soothe or entertain baby while on the go. Banz Baby Bluetooth Earmuffs protect babys ears from loud noises and can connect to your Bluetooth devices for music and entertainment wherever baby goes.

These earmuffs are volume limited and will not exceed 75db (the recommended safe level) no matter the volume settings on the connected device. BanZ earmuffs have a leather-like cover over the headband for babys comfort.

  • Class 4 sound defence grading--provides full protection from loud noises
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargable
  • Headband is adjustable to grow with baby
  • Lightweight design is comfy for child to wear
  • Drawstring carry bag included
  • Suitable for ages 3m+