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Sweets & Gourmet

We are proud to carry chocolates crafted without compromise. Between B.C chocolatiers Rogers & Daniel’s, they have over 174 years in the chocolate business. Made with 100% natural ingredients including real fruit & cream, pure cocoa & flavours infused from herbs & spices, these chocolates are in a class of their own. Free of preservatives, artificial colouring, flavours, hydrogenated vegetable oils & fats, these chocolates include a "best before" date to ensure absolute freshness. We all indulge in a little chocolate from time-to-time...this can be a healthier indulgence! 

We also boast fresh, in-house fudge in a multitude of flavours whipped up by our own "Fudgatier", Patty. She uses ingredients such as chunks of truffles chocolate, pecans, coconut, peppermint and lots and lots of butter to create her masterpieces. We offer in-store samples and trust us - once you've tasted it - you're hooked! 
 People drive from all parts big and small for our specialty fudge because it's totally worth it! We also ship it all over the Country because, yes, it's that good! Pictured below, Cookie Dough & Raspberry Swirl - Yumo!