Annie Sloan Decoupage Glue & Varnish

Annie Sloan Decoupage Glue and Varnish is water based, fast drying, and builds up layers very quickly. For fast and beautiful results, you can use it as an adhesive for decoupage or to transfer a laser-printed or photocopied image directly onto a surface. Easy to apply, this glue and varnish gives a beautifully smooth, matte finish. Available in 125 ml. pot.

 Annie Sloan Gold Size 

Size is an old English word for glue. Annie Sloan Gold Size is water based and has the advantage of staying sticky when dry, so it’s perfect for applying either bronze powders or metal leaf quickly and easily.Available in a 100ml pot.

 Annie Sloan Craqueleur

Annie Sloan’s unique Craqueleur is a two-part application that gives an authentic cracked varnish finish – just like on an Old Master! You can control the size of the cracks with Step 2 – the thinner you apply it, the smaller the cracks.

If you like, you can then highlight the cracks with Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax. 
Set consists of 125 ml. base coat and 125 ml. top coat



Clear Topcoat Sealer

Clear Topcoat Sealer is a soya oil based, non-yellowing alkyd, penetrating sealer. Clear Topcoat Sealer is sand-able, exterior grade, and formulated for clarity with a matte sheen. Once fully cured, Clear Topcoat Sealer is water-resistant. Clear Topcoat sealer is ideal for almost all paint colors and stains, except bright/pure white paints with little or no pigment.We recommend sealing pure and bright white painted finishes with Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements™.

Clear Finish

Clear Finish is an all natural, water based, non-yellowing varnish. Clear Finish is a thin translucent sealer that dries brilliantly clear. Clear Finish is formulated for ultimate clarity with a satin to glossy finish. Once fully cured, Clear Finish is water-resistant. Clear Finish is recommended for all pure and bright white painted finishes. 

Crackle Tex

Crackle Tex reproduces a sophisticated, aged, antiqued look of weathered paint and/or plaster. Crackle Tex is a clear medium that will allow water based paint or plaster to create a chipped/crackled effect. It is not intended to crack latex paint, but water based flat paint, such as a chalky paint. It cracks beautifully with Artisan Enhancement’s Fine Stone and VP Antico. Crackle Tex has no VOC and cleans up easy with soap and water. 

 Fine Stone

Fine Stone by Artisan Enhancements™ is a coating that will adhere to almost any properly prepared surface. Fine Stone is an exterior grade, tint-able plaster with added aggregate to create "beach sand" textures once dried. The versatility of Fine Stone allows the user to create stone and concrete-like finishes on an array of surfaces.

 VP Antico

VP Antico is favoured by decorative artists, faux finishers, and professional painters.

VP Antico is a synthetic polishing plaster used to create various plaster looks, including "Venetian Plaster" finishes. Once set and dry, VP Antico creates a smooth honed finish.  

Pearl Plaster

Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements™ creates an opulent and luxurious pearly finish. Once applied, the finish will resemble velvet with a shimmering pearlescent vibrancy. Pearl Plaster is a low VOC coating that will adhere to any properly base coated and prepared surface.

It cleans up easy with soap and water.     


Scumble Glaze

Scumble is a translucent, tintable “glaze like” medium with an extended open time. Scumble is formulated to be mixed with tint (such as Mixol colorants), chalk type or clay/mineral paints. Scumble can be used like a traditional glaze medium.

Watch video below for a step by step video tutorial on the application of tinted Pearl Plaster and Scumble by Artisan Enhancements™.