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Adrian Klis- Handbag w/ Organizer #2747


 We take pride in our products. They feature good quality leather, hand craftsmanship and, carefully selected hardware.

   Adrian Klis

Handmade in Alberta, Canada
Style: 2747
Material: distressed leather
Color: brown
Description: 2 handle, 1 removable adjustable shoulder strap, bag closed with 2 zipper
Front: 1 pocket closed with zipper, 1 cell phone pocket
1 pocket closed with 2-way zipper
inside of pocket:
1 pocket closed with zipper, 2 open pockets, 2 pen holder, 3 CC
Back: 1 pocket closed with zipper
2 main compartments
Comp. I inside: 1 pocket closed with zipper
Comp. II inside: 2 open pockets

Width: 30 cm (12")
Height: 23.5 cm (9.25")
Depth: 9 cm (3.5")
Shoulder drop: 27 cm (11.5")

Buffalo Leather Care
These leathers are vegetable tanned, a process that although is more time consuming is more environmentally friendly than the chrome-tanning process.  

The hides have a slight oily feeling that, when worn, will merge with the oils in your hands and come to the surface contributing to its “vintage, distressed” look. Most owners of these bison products get more compliments on their bags as the years go on.

Caring for buffalo leather is simple. Use a damp cotton cloth and mild soapy water to clean spills. However, this is not usually necessary as most stains will work themselves out with use. Avoid harsh cleansers or solvents. Bison leather is strong, 40% stronger than cow leather and resistant to tearing, making it the perfect choice for briefcases, duffle bags, and wallets.  

To condition your buffalo leather, use a spray leather conditioner. However, if you choose not to use a conditioner, the bag will not suffer, as the patina continues to beautifully age the leather.

Enjoy the carefree simplicity of real bison leather!