Art Card Siwash Rock

I was putting the finishing touches on Siwash Rock when I remembered a story twenty years earlier about this famous landmark. I asked a friend, Ken, if he could remember the story.
Later that day he presented me with a small book called, The Legends of Vancouver by E. Pauline Johnson in which was the story I was trying to recall The Siwash Rock. In the open- ing paragraph, Pauline Johnson said:
"...I saw it first in the slanting lights of a redly setting August sun, the little tuft of green shrubbery that crests its summit, was black against the crimson of sea and sky, and its colossal base of grey stone gleaming like flaming polished granite..."
I was amazed when I looked at the painting I was working on to find the similarity in the way we treated the same subject.
This, and other legends told to the author by Chief Joe Capilano are worthy of being read over and over again. I find a great deal of inspiration in them, but that is another story.
This work is dedicated to the memory of Chief Dan George who was a friend and source of great wisdom.
- Roy Henry Vickers

Edition Date: November 1988
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Art Card
Art Card Size: 5.5"x 7"