Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish

Clear Finish is a water based, NO VOC, all natural, non-yellowing acrylic varnish. It is formulated for ultimate clarity with a satin to glossy finish. It is water resistant and will protect your painted finishes, once cured. Clear Finish works well with your Chalk Paint “whites” as it will keep them bright and not lift any colour or stain from beneath. It is great on cabinets and works well over foil, leafing or high sheen finishes. Do not use over wax like you would with Clear Topcoat Sealer. Shake or stir before application.

Recommended Use:

Clear Finish is formulated to seal and protect painted indoor surfaces. To maintain shimmer and shine, Clear Finish is perfect for sealing Pearl Plaster and metallic leafing or foils. Clear Finish is designed to be used on a variety of surfaces including furniture, walls, and most cabinetry. Clear finish is not recommended for outdoor use. The more coats of Clear Finish, the glossier the finish for more modern aesthetics.  Since dried Clear Finish can sometimes have a glossy characteristic depending on the amount of coats applied, it is not recommended on floors. Do not use on surfaces previously sealed or to be sealed with wax. To add an additional sealer over waxed surfaces  or to seal floors we recommend Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements ®.

Important Facts:

Clear Finish is an all natural, water based varnish. It is not recommended to be used over chemical based cleaners, thinners, or mineral spirits. After chemicals or mineral spirits are used to clean the surface, all residue of the chemical or mineral spirits must wiped back thoroughly and allowed to “off gas” (usually takes 24 -36 hours). To remove residual traces of chemicals or mineral spirits, we recommend wiping down any surface that has been cleaned with chemicals or mineral spirits with warm water. Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before using Clear Finish. Just remember natural products DO NOT mix with chemical products.


Make sure the surface is cleaned and sealed before painting to avoid any unwanted bleeding or reaction. Allow the surface to fully dry overnight after painting. Stir Clear Finish thoroughly before each application. Using the 45MM Topcoat Brush by Artisan Enhancements®, specialty varnish roller, or a quality flat edge varnish brush – apply 1 very THIN coat. The coats should look “wet” not “milky”. If the layer of Clear Finish looks milky, too much product has been applied. If this happens, “off-load” excess Clear Finish from the tool and attempt to lightly distribute excess product on the surface with the tool (working the excess Clear Finish into unsealed areas of surface). Allow the first coat of Clear Finish to fully dry before applying a very thin 2nd coat. For optimal results let the first coat dry for 24 hours before applying second coat. The sealed surface should be fully dry to touch after 12 hours depending on the moisture in the environment. Allow surface to cure a minimum of 48-72 hours before use.

Note: If more sheen or gloss is desired, add an additional thin coat of Clear Finish after the first two coats have been allowed to fully dry. Clear Finish can range between a soft satin (just above a matte) to glossy finish. We recommend working Clear Finish into your surface with even controlled strokes. The glossier the finish the more apt it will be to show brush strokes.

Helpful Hints- Why does the surface sealed with Clear Finish still feel “moist” or look “cloudy” after 24 hours?

If the sealed surface does not dry quickly or looks cloudy one of the following reasons could be the cause:
-The coats of Clear Finish were not thin enough and too much product has been applied. This is a
common issue usually stemming from the incorrect tool or not off-loading excess product from the tool before applying the sealer to the surface. If too much Clear Finish was used – extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer feels moist.
-A cloudy look is usually the result of the second coat being applied before the first coat was completely dry. Extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer looks cloudy.
– If you get a ring or water spot on your surface because your surface has not fully cured, let the spot or ring dry out on its own. There is no need to “clean” the area.

Clean Up & Product Storage:
Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not let freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).