Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster

Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic, low odour, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Pearl Plaster creates an opulent and luxurious pearlescent finish which adheres to almost any properly prepared surface. Once set and dry, the finish will resemble the look of velvet with a shimmering vibrancy.

Recommend Use: Pearl Plaster is formulated for use on properly prepared (base coated) surfaces, such as walls and furniture.


Pearl Plaster is one of our most versatile paint mediums. Pearl Plaster can be brushed, trowelled, or rolled-on for different results. To add hints of pearly accents, Pearl Plaster can be dry brushed directly on to a prepared surface.  Lightly mist dried painted surfaces with water prior to brushing or rolling pearl plaster the create a smooth, even Pearl Plaster layer. Add deep pigmented colors to Scumble by Artisan Enhancements® for glaze over Pearl Plaster to create dramatic multi-toned finishes. Use the Color Shaper by Artisan Enhancements ® or stencil brushes to create “pearlized” stencils. To create a semi-translucent pearl “wash” effect, Pearl Plaster is easily thinned by adding Scumble to the untinted Pearl Plaster base medium.

For wall applications: Brush Pearl Plaster directly on to the wall surface or apply a skim coat of Pearl Plaster with trowel.  If using a trowel, load a small of Pearl Plaster on to the edge of the trowel. Apply the first coat of Pearl Plaster, working from wet to dry areas. While maintaining an angle of 45° to cover the entire wall surface. Once the first coat has properly dried, repeat the process.  As Pearl Plaster starts to setup, smooth down the surface with a trowel to obtain a “velvet” effect.

Pearl Plaster finishes can be sealed with Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements ® (for additional sheen) or Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements ®  (for high use and exterior surfaces). To create a golden “champagne” tone, try waxing untinted Pearl Plaster with dark wax.


Pearl Plaster is a neutral base medium which allows it to be easily tinted from light to dark colors. After tinting Pearl Plaster remains opaque. If tinting, stir the Pearl Plaster base medium thoroughly prior to tinting. Custom tinted Pearl Plaster can be created by taking the Pearl Plaster base to a local paint store for tinting. For a quick and easy DIY tinted Pearl Plaster, mix Pearl Plaster with a water based chalk type or clay/mineral paint, such as Chalk Paint®.  To tint Pearl Plaster with a chalk type or clay/mineral paint – start with a 1:3 ratio of paint to Pearl Plaster (1 part paint to 3 heaping parts Pearl Plaster). Pearl Plaster is also formulated to be mixed with other tints, such as Mixol colorants. Make sure to continually stir the tinted Pearl Plaster mixture before and after each application.  After tinting, stir the mixture thoroughly to completely combine both products. Once tinted the Pearl Plaster and paint mixture will dry to a lighter shimmery color.

Note: The more paint/tint added to the Pearl Plaster medium base the “looser” or thinner the tinted Pearl Plaster mixture. We recommend doing a sample test piece to determine the ratio for the “recipe” and thickness of the tinted Pearl Plaster mixture.

Create a lustrous smooth finish on a base painted surface by using the 45MM Topcoat Brush by Artisan Enhancements ® to apply tinted Pearl Plaster. Ideally start with similarly toned base paint color to eliminate too much contrast between the base coat layer and the tinted Pearl Plaster topcoat.

The recipe: 3 heaping parts of Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements ®  to 2 parts Scumble by Artisan Enhancements ®  to 1 part water based chalk type or clay/mineral paint. (3:2:1).  Prepare the Pearl Plaster and Scumble mixture first using a 3:2 ratio of Pearl Plaster to Scumble (3 heaping parts Pearl Plaster to 2 parts Scumble). Stir the Pearl Plaster and Scumble mixture thoroughly to completely incorporate both products – try to eliminate as many lumps as possible before adding the paint. Add the 1 part paint portion to the previously made Pearl Plaster and Scumble mixture. Thoroughly stir the paint into the mixture to incorporate all three components. Lightly mist the surface with water, then Apply 2 smooth coats of the tinted Pearl Plaster and Scumble mixture with the 45MM Topcoat Brush by Artisan Enhancements ® in even linear strokes. Allow the first coat to dry completely before adding the second coat. After second coat is applied, allow the finish to dry overnight. Seal with Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements ®  (for additional sheen) or Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements ® (for high use and exterior use surfaces). Follow the recommended instructions for Clear Topcoat Sealer and Clear Finish cure times before using the surface.

Clean Up & Product Storage:

Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not let freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).