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Big Blue Moma- Non-Medical Face Mask


These Non-Medical masks are made in Canada using two layers of GTP (Ghana Textile Producers) fabric and a heavyweight layer of interfacing in between.  Flexible wire sewn into the bias tape above the nose allows you to fit the mask securely to your face.  Add the Face Mask Extender for a super snug and comfy fit.  These are machine washable (recommended on the gentle cycle) and can be dried in the dryer by placing them in a cloth bag or pillowcase.  

It is recommended you read everything provided by both the Health Canada and the CDC to ensure you use these masks to their maximum effectiveness.  They are machine washable and designed to be durable.  We have also made them fashionable, using the bright, cheerful colours of the traditional fabrics of West Africa.  We all need a bit more colour in our lives!