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Black Drop- Photo Jewelry, Crow


Photo of a crow taken in Victoria, BC. 1/2" wide. Sterling silver kidney ear wires. 

Vancouver island Photographer Jade Pellerin has created “Photograph Jewelry”. Each piece of jewelry contains a clear photograph sealed in acrylic resin.

Each piece starts with one of my photographs. My inspirations are nature and the city and the shapes and silhouettes that they create – and my own ways to find peace and a space for myself within each. I live in Vancouver, BC where there is plenty of both city and nature.

In 2005 I was fortunate to have the chance to work in a silversmith’s studio where I learned about making jewellery as well as many aspects of running a business.

In 2008 I began displaying my photography in jewellery, which allowed me to combine by experience in jewellery making and love of photography and a lifetime of making art for myself to create something of my own.

Black Drop has grown so much since then and every day I appreciate that my passion has become my career.

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