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Bolga Baskets-Small Rounds


Big Blue Moma from Calgary, AB purchases baskets directly from the makers. They choose ethical collectives originating in Ghana and pay their makers a fair wage. Every basket sold affects the makers in Bolgatanga, Ghana, in the most positive way.

Baskets from Bolgatanga, Ghana are some of the finest baskets produced in all of Africa. 

Use it for shopping or enjoy it in your home, but know your purchase has helped the people of Bolga as they work to sustain a handicraft tradition that has been a part of the region for hundreds of years.

Each piece individual and unique.

Totes - 15"H x 11"L x 9"W (19" high including handle)
Shopper - 14"H x 18"L x 8"W (19" high including handle)
Large Rounds - 10"H x 17"L x 15"W (14" high including handle)
Medium Rounds - 6"H x 11"L x 10"W (10" high including handle)
Small Rounds - 5"H x 10"L x 8"W (9" high including handle)
Mini Rounds - 3"H x 3"L x 3"W (5" high including handle)
Flower/Fruit Baskets - 5.5"H x 13.5"L x 13.5"W (12" high including handle)
Bike Baskets - 9"H x 13"L x 9"W
Laundry Baskets - 20"H x 19"L x 17"W (29" high including handle)