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Burnt Whiskey- All Natural Beard Oil, Rambler


Great company out of Calgary Alberta who specializes in taming “ The Man Mane” Burnt Whiskey Beard Co has been hand crafting high quality 100% natural man-made products... keeping you looking & feeling man pretty!

Here at Burnt Whiskey Beard Co. we wanted to create a blend that would satisfy everyone and The Rambler is the perfect fit.

This blend has a distinctive sweet, warm, woody scent which is created by combining the savoury aroma of the Vanilla essential oil together with the rich, creamy, woodsy notes of Sandalwood.  As both of these essential oils are known for their natural aphrodisiac properties, The Rambler has a soothing, relaxing and calming effect and is an amazing mood enhancer.  This beard oil also has the ability to relieve beard-dandruff and itchy, dry skin, by increasing and restoring the skins ability to retain moisture. The result of using this powerful blend is a soft, manageable beard with a pleasing, uplifting and satisfying scent that the ladies will love.

We At Burnt Whiskey are passionate about men's grooming and are committed to making the finest blends for our customers.  All of our products are hand crafted and made using only the highest quality, 100% all natural ingredients and essential oils.  It is our mission to deliver products that are both effective and healthy for you to use.

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