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Larch Wood- Cutting Board Conditioner


To ensure the longevity of your Larch Wood board use Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner on all surfaces monthly.

We recommend you season your board when you first receive it. Apply the conditioner once a week on all surfaces for the first month. Once the board is well infused with the conditioner, apply monthly.

    Larch Wood Canada in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia specializes in creating beautiful ‘end grain’ cutting boards. Handmade using Canadian sustainably sourced larch wood. This durable self-healing end grain construction provides a smooth, impact-resistant, cutting action that is kind to knives. Larch woods tight non-pours grain makes it the ideal choice to neutralize bacteria. Each board is uniquely and carefully crafted into a work of functional art that will last you for many years.

    ~The Kilted Chef Alain Bosse, Uses Larch wood boards both at home and to teach his students. Alain has been using the same boards daily for over 10 years and says they only get better with age.