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Cucina- Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon Dish Detergent


This fragrance captures the gentle spirit of the sun-kissed Mediterranean. Fresh notes of Amalfi lemon paired with aromatic cypress give way to a warm and delicate fleur de sel heart.

Inspired by an exquisitely flavoured dish, this scent blends perfectly with recipes featuring lemon and seasonings.


Cucina Concentrated Dish Detergent is eco-conscious and contains a top-notch degreaser. Its biodegradable formula is easy on the environment thanks to eco-friendly coconut oil- and cornstarch-derived cleaning agents, which replace the petrochemical derivates used in conventional products. 

Your hands will love its PH-balanced formula. 

Tangy lime zest and woody cypress notes make for a sunny, sparkling fragrance. 

Extend the life of your original bottle with a refill.