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Heartstrings- Freshly Made Fudge


Rich, creamy melt in your mouth fudge, Hand-made in-store by master fudge maker Patty.  Fudge is made with real butter, no it doesn't have to be refrigerated, yes we can ship it and yes it's worth it! We also have four flavors available in a Reduced Sugar option. 

It's the perfect addition to any occasion!

Available in two sizes: 3 flavour box aprox $15.00 & 5 flavour box aprox $25.00.

Our stocked flavors go as follows... Please let us know the flavor choices you are after and we can stock your box just the way you like it! if we are out of something we will let you know or have Patty whip some up! 

   Vanilla Base                                                Reduced Sugar

- Raspberry Swirl                                  - Orange Chocolate Swirl

- Skor Bar Crunch                                 - Chocolate Mint Swirl

- Maple... popular classic                      - Maple 

- Maple Walnut                                      - Chocolate

- Dulce ...vanilla & chocolate fudge with caramel

- Rainbow Chip

- Cookie Dough

- Cinnamon Bun

- Oreo

- Butter Pecan

- Chewey Praline ( top seller)

- Birthday Cake

Chocolate Base

- Amaretto Swirl

- Chocolate Mint Swirl

- Cappuccino

- Orange Swirl

- Chocolate Caramel

- Chocolate Caramel Pecan...enough said yumo!

- Peanut Butter Explosion ...takes you to your nutty happy place

- Peanut Butter Chocolate

- Coconut Cream... my favorite, just sayin

- Chocolate

- Snickers  

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