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Rogers' Chocolates- Sockeye Salmon Collectors Box


This 6 piece milk, dark and white chocolate assortment contains a selection of mini creams, a mini bar, an Empress Square and 2 chocolate covered almonds.

Artist: Kostan Lagace

Sockeye salmon, also called Red salmon, Kokanee, or Blueback, are the richest and most prized of all Pacific salmon.  Born in fresh water streams that flow into nearby lakes, they feed and grow for several years before swimming down to the ocean, where they find the bright red plankton that give them their distinctive colour and name. In this design the red orbs represent the multitude of sockeye eggs and the bright red colour of their bodies as they return to spawn in the freshwater streams where they were born. The humped back and large teeth are typical of mature males, the grandfathers of their lineage. The white shapes appearing on the green head indicate the first stage of their bodies breaking down as another life cycle comes to an end, and a new beginning.