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Uncle Bob's- Organic Popping Corn 250g


Uncle Bob's Organic popping corn is one of a kind. It is certified organic and has its own rich texture and taste.  Give it a try, it is hard to resist! Packaged in 250g bags.

White Hull-LessVery white colour. Rice variety type of popping corn. Has a mild flavour, very crisp, and even texture. A true hull-less variety. Slightly smaller pop.

Purple PassionSweet flavour, very tender eating and pops more yellow in colour. Good size pop. Very pleasing to the palate. Also, tested and proven to contain a lot of anti-oxidants.

Ancient GrainA unique blend of popcorn kernels designed specifically for the popcorn enthusiast!  A taste for everyone, from the smaller crunchy morsel to the larger fluffy body, a gourmet mixture you will simply love!

Strawberry RedVery attractive in colour. Rice variety popping corn. Pops up very white with a red centre. Has a very crispy texture and a delicious flavour.

Shamu Blue - A larger pop, richer in flavour. Proven to be higher in anti-oxidants.

Mellow YellowEnjoy the chewy, creamy texture of this butterfly variety. More of a fragmented hull. Very pleasing to the palate.