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$119.00 Large Festive Charcuterie Box w/ Cider


Meats, cheeses, jellys...a sweet & salty delight. This basket includes Non-alcoholic Cider (all shelf-stable, no refrigeration required)

  • Creamy Glacier Ridge Farms Cheeses
  • Aged White Cheddar
  •   Locally cured Landjaegar & Skeena Salami from Rudolph’s Sausage Factory (free of Gluten, MSG & Lactose),
  •  Sparkling non-alcoholic Cider - Canada 
  • (see other choice for alcoholic options) 
  • Black Pepper & Truffle Oil Chips  
  • Red Pepper Jelly - Made in Canada
  • Green Gourmet Olives from Greece
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate truffles that you won't forget. Made in BC
  • Re-useable box 
  • Antipasto - made in BC
  • Italian Scrocchi Oil Crackers (garlic, rosemary or sea salt)
  • 2 Decorative Festive Picks

Please let us know if you want any customizations done! We can do that, and we can also include a notecard w/ message free of charge. 

**Taxes are included in the price for Food Baskets***

$10 Local In-town delivery fee. Outside of town, open for discussion. The cost will depend on the distance and expected delivery time. We don't always have the staff to make the delivery during our busiest times. 

*Basket items and colours are subject to change based on product availability but will be substituted with equally beautiful products of similar style and value.