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Cookbook- "500 Recipe" Collection


This tempting and wide-ranging guide by Roberta Muir to cheeses is packed full of information on selecting and tasting cheese from around the globe. Learn the basics of how cheese is made, plus how to choose the perfect cheese and how best to serve and enjoy your selections.
287 pages with colour photos
Fish & Shellfish
500 Fish & Shellfish Dishes contains everything you need to know in order to choose, prepare, cook, and enjoy seafood of all kinds. Chapters cover the full scope of preparations - steaming, simmering, frying, baking, grilling, planking, roasting, and smoking - and a final chapter on sauces and sides finish the flavours off nicely. Readers will also find a full range of dishes, from show-stopping appetizers and salads to savoury stews, fantastic sandwiches, elegant dinners, and more.
Judith Fertig - Author
500 Mexican Dishes offers a full range of authentic Mexican recipes from salsas and snacks to savoury stews, fabulous fajitas, delicious casseroles, grilled dishes, classic desserts and delightful drinks.

Mexican cooking is a vibrant culinary tradition that blends ancient indigenous foods and traditions with the early French and Spanish colonial influence to create one of the most popular cuisines in North America. From the simplest family meal to a high-style dinner, Mexican food is a fiesta of flavours, textures and colours.
Judith Fertig - Author
Slow Cooker
500 Slow-Cooker Dishes is a comprehensive guide to all the various ways you can employ your slow cooker to make your life easier and your cooking more cost efficient. There are recipes to suit vegetarians and meat eaters alike. You can even make bread in your slow cooker, and this book will show you how.
Carol Beckerman - Author
Stir Fry
500 Stir-Fry Dishes is the fast track to delicious and nutritious meals in a hurry. Packed with information on how to get started with a wok and where to find the most flavourful ingredients, home cooks will delight in rediscovering this time-tested method of one-pot cooking.
Michelle Keogh - Author