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Beekman 1802, Charcoal Collection


Charcoal Anti-Oxidant Face Scrub, 2 fl oz.

A face scrub formulated to clean and exfoliate for soft, polished-looking skin.

Charcoal deeply cleanses skin while absorbing excess oils and impurities. It also exfoliates to leave skin feeling silky smooth. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals.

If you pick up charcoal, your hands will get dirty. But if you use this charcoal face scrub, your face will get remarkably clean. That’s the magic of this scrub that uses charcoal to dig deep, gently cleansing impurities, and leaving skin immaculately polished. The antioxidant berry complex helps brighten up dull skin.

Shampoo Bar, 3.5oz

Drop the single-use plastic and give your hair a boost. This hand-cut bar uses activated charcoal to strengthen hair follicles and absorb oil. For best results, use the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.

Bar Soap, 8.0oz

Have you been treating your skin poorly? Time for a lump of Kohl! This signature soap is packed with bamboo charcoal that provides a deep cleanse to remove toxins and purify skin.