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Blanket, Velura-Bill Helin Collection


For a gift with a West Coast feel, try this unique Bill Helin Printed Velura™ Throw. Printed Velura 50 x 60"

Blankets have always been an integral part of North American life, from their early use as clothing and shelter to their trading value as a form of barter exchange. In honor of these traditions, Kanata has recreated these Tsimshian Life crest designs by Bill Helin on an ultra-soft Velura™ throw.

In Tsimshian culture, each symbol on the Bill Helin Printed Velura™ Throw has powerful meanings:

The Eagle is a symbol of power and prestige, peace and friendship. He is highly respected by all who share his environment.

The Raven was the first symbol and crest of the Indigenous Peoples of the Northwest Coast. As the Creator’s assistant, he created all things that exist — with mysterious trickery. This mystical bird is a symbol of prestige, a cultural hero.

The Wolf is the prowler of the night, traveling in packs to keep strong and to support each other. Because of his hunting prowess, many Indigenous Peoples have tried to assume the spirit of the wolf to enhance their own hunting prowess and senses for the wilderness. The Wolf is given to show respect; it symbolizes supporting one another as within a relationship, a team or a family.

The Orca has always been regarded with respect and awe by the Indigenous Peoples of the Northwest Coast. He is the subject of many stories. Traditions encourage living in harmony with these mammals. The Orca is given to show respect and awe. It’s the symbol you’d give to someone who brings harmony to your life. It is a popular symbol for romance, as Orcas mate for life.

Sharing the language of love through Life Crest Designs.

About the Artist
Bill Helin (WeLaaxum Yout) was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in 1960. His ancestry is Tsimshian and Norwegian. Both Tsimshian grandparents were Chiefs.

Bill’s many masterpieces are found in collections around the world and have even traveled in outer space. His creative inspirations are portrayed in many different mediums, and his design and artistic abilities have no boundaries.