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Books, King of The Mountain-Jack Boudreau


King of the Mountain
More Stories and Memories from BC's Backcountry
Soft Cover 


There are some truths that are inescapable, and one such truth is the necessity for harmony and disharmony in our natural world: predator and prey, humans and wildlife, nature and the forces of nature. In Jack Boudreau's ninth book, KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, he takes a deep look at the delicate balance of co-existence. He introduces us to the hunters, landowners and conservationists that have witnessed the changing world of BC's great north. True to Jack's style, these stories are personal,humorous and sometimes tragic for both human and animal. 

 Jack Boudreau devoted his professional life to British Columbia's forest industry, working as a licensed scaler, industrial first-aid attendant and forest fire fighter mostly with the Ministry of Forests. Jack has always been an avid lover of the outdoors and shares his perspective as mountain climber, fisherman and naturalist in KING OF THE MOUNTAIN and his previous eight BC bestsellers: WHITEWATER DEVILS, TRAPPERS AND TRAILBLAZERS, STERNWHEELERS AND CANYON CATS, CRAZY MAN'S CREEK, GRIZZLY BEAR MOUNTAIN, WILDERNESS DREAMS, MOUNTAINS, CAMPFIRES AND MEMORIES and WILD & FREE. Jack now lives in High River, Alberta, where he spends his time writing.