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Daniadown- Weighted Blankets


 These blankets are used mostly as a calming aid for people with Insomnia, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Restless leg syndrome, Parkinson’s & Dementia. They are also known to Improve Sleep & Restlessness. 

• Filled with glass beads - higher density fill , dust free
• Cotton outer shell - for breath-ability

• Beads are contained in pouches and then locked in place by the sewn through box stitching

• Includes removable soft touch polyester cover for adding warmth and soothing comfort (machine washable)

• 8 tie-downs to keep the weighted blanket securely in place in the cover. (4 corners and mid length on 4 sides)


Sizes - 7lbs/41"x60", 10lbs/48"x72", 15lb/48"x72", 20lbs/48"x72"