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Hive & Honey- Sunshine Shampoo Bar


A delightful bar designed for everyday hair and body use. Infused wild nettle and raw honey both help to control dandruff and keep hair healthy and shiny. Citrus scented to add some sunshine to your morning!
Ingredient list: coconut oil, tallow, nettle infused olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, water, raw honey, silk peptide
Essential oils: lemon, orange, frankincense, citral, bay


Bulkley Valley Hive & Honey is committed to a product line with deep roots in a rural lifestyle. Keeping ingredient lists short & as local as possible! With Hive & Honey, you’ll discover a carefully curated line of high-quality, minimalist, plant-based skincare products that your skin will love you for. Extra care is taken to source natural ingredients throughout our beautiful 4 seasons here in the Valley.

Made Locally right here in Telkwa, B.C, Canada with Love

Buying local is about more than how we spend our dollars: It’s about supporting what we value in our community, like fair pay, sustainable agriculture, healthy food, and strong local economies.