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Rudolph's Pure Sausage, Jerky Sticks


Rudolph's Delicious Meats are made right here in the Bulkley Valley. 

- MSG Free
- Gluten-Free with no fillers
- Lactose-free
- Made with Sea Salt
- No Refrigeration is required until pkg is opened

The perfect snack for any occasion. Rudolph's meats have quickly become a favourite over the years here in the Valley.
Some of the best sausages and meats in Canada come out of Telkwa, thanks to the care and attention of sausage-maker Holger Rudolph. He has a master's degree in sausage making from Germany, the sausage capital of the world, and he takes his product very seriously. In fact, his company and his meats have become well-known throughout northern BC for their premium quality and taste.
Bite into Rudolph’s Pure Sausage of any variety and you’ll immediately taste the difference that German quality makes. Master sausage maker Holger Rudolph makes his exclusive, secret-recipe sausages from scratch using fresh ingredients and the best meats. All of Rudolph’s Pure Sausages are made without MSG, gluten and lactose.