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Garlic Scape Finishing Sea Salt, Garlic Box


A Green Salt - The seasoning to launch 1000 dishes!!

Enjoy garlic scapes blended with mineral rich sea salt on everything from eggs to fish and potatoes to vegetables. Delicious sprinkled onto popcorn or used to rim your favourite Caesar cocktail.  Garlic Scapes, the flowering stalk of Ontario's cold-climate garlic, have a sweet, mild garlic and green onion flavour.

Garlic Scapes are an A+ vegetable rich in plant protein and chlorophyl.  They cleanse and oxidate the blood and are believed to be anti-osteoarthritic and anti-inflammatory.   Shake the goodness of garlic onto your plate - everyday.

Ingredients: garlic scapes, coarse sea salt, garlic 

Size: 140g/ 5oz