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Puzzle, CAP Indigenous Art-1,000 Piece


*Choose puzzle choice from the drop-down menu, NOT by clicking on photo - once you click the title, the corresponding photo will appear on the left.

These beautiful 1000 piece puzzles are by Canadian Indigenous artists. The colours are vibrant and the artwork individual and unique. A great way to spend a weekend in front of the fire or as a gift for that someone special.


Transformation - Betty Albert, Cree
Inukshuk - Ben Houstie, Heiltsuk
Grizzly Bear - Sue Coccia, Cherokee Ancestry
Big Wolf - John Balloue, Cherokee
Not Forgotten & Ancient Messages - Maxine Noel, Santee Oglala Sioux
Spring Already - Micqaela Jones, Te-moak
Three Sisters - Betty Albert, Cree
Garden of Hummingbirds - Richard Shorty, Northern Tuchone
Tranquility - William Monague, Ojibway
Family - Betty Albert, Cree
Spirit Guides - Pam Callioux, Metis
Lone Canoe - Mark Preston, Tligit
Teachings - William Monague, Ojibway 
Being Around Grandma - Jerry Whitehead, Cree
Messenger from Above - John Balloue