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Reel Coffee- Organic, Fair Trade, Roasted Locally


Christine Birnie & Alf King are the proud owners of the old Telkwa Creamery building since 2015. Along with being in the hospitality business they are also in the roasting business! Organic coffee beans are sourced from fair trade suppliers. Fresh, local, Riverside roasted coffee is something to be savoured. This coffee is delicious & is a Heartstrings favourite…how do you think we get all our energy around here!

We are your hosts - Christine Birnie and Alf King. We bought the old Telkwa Creamery building in 2015. By that time its cream and butter days were long past and its latest incarnation had been as a fishing lodge. Our goals: give it a new life, create something beautiful and make its next metamorphosis that of an Inn and cafe. Well - so far we have the Inn .... soon the cafe! 

We are both retired ... so to speak, and now have more time for: bee keeping, gardening, skiing, hiking, reading, fishing and, (for Alf), fixing and building an endless array of things plus roasting coffee! And .. of course ...inn keeping.

We hope you will come to visit the little jewel of Telkwa, take a walk along the river, and stay at our Inn!

Alf & Christine