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Rena Naturals Cleaning Collection


Rena was founded on the belief that you should be able to clean your home without compromising the health of your family.

Nature provides all the wholesome cleaning power we need: safe and sustainable plant-based ingredients that protect the health of your family and preserve the health of our planet. Crisp and refreshing scents leave your clothes and counters smelling naturally fresh, not overpowered by toxic chemicals. We work hard to create nature-based products that make cleaning easy. It really is that simple.

Hand Soap

A non-drying, softening cleaner for hardworking hands. Your hands will thank you. Powered by hydrating plant oils and sulfate-free cleansers, this pure and gentle formula protects the health of your family and preserves the health of our planet.

Laundry Soap

Tough on dirt and grime, yet soft and gentle on your clothes so you can keep your favourite shirt looking better longer. This detergent uses plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for your family and the earth, and has refreshing scents leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

Countertop Spray

Preserves and protects your counters, keeps them squeaky clean, and leaves a pleasant sent throughout the house. Safe for any surface, including granite countertops. Packed with stone-safe essential oils.

Dish Soap

No matter what’s on your dirty plate, knockout grease and make your dishes squeaky clean, the non-toxic way. The plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients are packed with essential oils, and are safe for your family and the earth.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Make cleaning all around the house a cinch with this spray bottle. Packed with essential oils, these nature-based, eco-friendly ingredients are safe for your family and the earth. This cleaner works great on any non-porous surfaces.