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Ceiling Mount Curtain Brackets, Umbra


Umbra Ceiling Mounting Brackets (2/Pack)

The Ceiling Mounting Bracket is a set of two cast zinc brackets with 2 inch (5 cm) diameter backing plates, that hold up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) diameter rods. Constructed of high quality metal, the product is durable and strong, in addition to sleek and modern in appearance, with a polished finish. The brackets’ clever design makes it so that they are attached to the ceiling, as opposed to the wall, providing a space-spacing solution, in addition to making your space appear larger and ceilings higher. Ceiling brackets cut out all excess space curtains consume when they need to reach wall-to-wall, and allow you to forgo the standard drapery hardware when hanging your curtains or sheers. Ceiling mount brackets span 3 5/8 inches (almost 10 cm) from your wall or ceiling and comes in your choice of a black or nickel finish.


  • Alternative Way to Hang Your Curtain Rod: This ceiling mount curtain rod bracket hangs from the ceiling (but can also be mounted to the wall), creating an eye-catching alternative to the typical curtain rod holder
  • Easy to Mount: Sold in a set of 2, these easy to install ceiling mount brackets can hold 20 pounds, making them an ideal solution for lighter sheers or heavier curtains
  • Make Your Ceiling Appear Taller: Hanging your curtains or sheers from the ceiling, using a ceiling mount bracket, draws the eye upward, making the ceiling appear higher
  • Ceiling Mount Brackets: Each ceiling mount curtain bracket has a 2-inch diameter backing plate, will hold curtain rods up to 1 inch in diameter, and extends 3-5/8 inches from the wall or ceiling


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