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Tumbler, "Droplet" (Clear)


This Bathroom Tumbler from Umbra is simple in style and form. Made from heavy-duty, moulded acrylic, it is break-resistant and perfect for bathroom or kitchen use. It has a 10-ounce capacity. Measures 4 inches Hx3.5 inches diameter. Coordinate your look with the entire Droplet bath accessory collection. Designed by Michelle Ivankovic for Umbra- the worldwide leader in casual and contemporary design for the home.


  • Easy to clean: Made from acrylic, Droplet is easy to clean by rinsing with soapy water and wiping down
  • Simple and Attractive: Droplet has a clean, minimalist design, emulating tranquillity through its teardrop shape and transparent colour
  • Sturdy, Thick Material: Though appearing delicate and thin, Droplet is physically strong and resistant to breakage, constructed using durable acrylic moulding
  • Wide Brim: Droplet’s wide brim allows it to store large quantities of liquid and makes the tumbler easy to grip

Product Details

  • Primary Material: Plastic