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White Lotus- Artist Edina Racz


Contemporary Canadian Jewellery

Edina Racz grew up in a small town in Eastern Europe and spent much of her childhood outdoors playing in nature. Walking through the woods, seeing shapes in cloud formations, or looking at the patterns a river made as it carved its way through rock and sand became her inspiration. She's always been motivated by some inner creative impulse, without a real awareness of whether she was an artist or not. She was THAT kid with the wild imagination. 

Her designs are inspired by nature and geometry and she uses a variety of techniques to create jewelry from sterling silver, wire, recycled glass and semi-precious gemstones. The collection includes handcrafted earrings, necklaces, unique pendants, cuff bracelets, and contemporary bangles. Many techniques used in the production process include traditional silversmithing alongside wire wrapping, twisting, and weaving of silver wire. She strives for unique design and unusual combinations and is not afraid to use bold colour + contrast in order to create visual interest. 

As an artist, she believes strongly in the value of handmade pieces versus the anonymity of mass-produced machine-made work. Being earth conscious is very important to her, and she takes that to heart in her work. She make things that will be loved and cherished for many years. She loves that the handmade movement is encouraging a move away from the disposable lifestyle. 

When she is not creating she loves to spend time with her rescued animals, go to museums, concerts, and art exhibitions. She enjoys being a fly on the wall. She loves her work and  tries to show it in every piece of jewellery that she makes.