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SnugSleep- Wool Pillow, Regular Fill



Unique adjustable wool fill pillow, for the ultimate in customized comfort and support. SnugSleep's choice of the finest loose wool knop fill provides the ultimate in support, comfort and correct neck alignment.

  • correct head support and spinal alignment
  • unique moisture control properties
  • reduce problems with neck stiffness and joint pain, by reducing dampness
  • zippered cotton cover
  • ease of laundering and removal or addition of wool fill
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Naturally resilient
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Made in Canada
Cleaning Instructions

Any time re-fluffing: place pillow or pillows (max. 2) in dryer with a wet (wrung-out) terry towel. Tumble for 5 - 8 minutes on "hot", remove and allow to cool before use. The steam released will re-fluff the wool knops.


Unzip cover, pour loose knop fill into a large plastic bag. Launder cotton cover in machine with other bedding. Refill and use. This can be done as frequently as you desire.

The whole pillow may be hand washed if needed. Lukewarm water, mild detergent in laundry tub. Gently squeeze - do not agitate. When rinsed can be "spun" in washing machine to remove excess water. Place in dryer on hot for max. 5 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.

Size / Fill

Queen (40 oz.)

King (48 oz.)
What is a SnugSleep Wool Knop?

Wool knops are tightly twisted little balls of wool that were originally designed and developed by the New Zealand Wool Board. Incredibly resilient, wool knops easily retain their loft and shape. SnugSleep wool knops are of the highest quality. Made from superwash New Zealand wool, they have no chemical sanitizers or fresheners added during the manufacturing processes.

Wool Knops

Why a SnugSleep Wool Knop Pillow?

The most effective, comfortable and versatile pillows have loose fill. Many wool pillows available today are made from carded wool - essentially a wool batt in a cover. These are fine for moisture control and are often initially comfortable. However carded wool (long fibres laid out flat) compress with use and felt with washing. Wool batt pillows cannot be shaped and adjusted to accommodate different sleeping positions or various levels of mattress firmness. SnugSleep wool knops are very resilient,can easily be shaped to maintain correct neck and spinal alignment, and are easy care.

The SnugSleep Advantage

Superior wool knops are encased in a zipped-on breathable cotton pillow cover. This provides ease of laundering and adjustment of fill levels. The resilient wool knop fill ensures correct neck and spinal alignment, elimination of moisture build-up - the ultimate in comfort and support.