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Roy Henry Vickers- Art Card, Whalers Islet


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Whaler Islets

My first attraction to Whaler Islets was the beautiful, sandy beach that almost completely surrounds the larger two small islands. Later, I was drawn once again to the same Islet
by news of a beached whale. I thought it was an incredible coincidence that of all the islands the whale would have land- ed on, it happened upon Whaler Islet.
The Islets are situated in the Southwest portion of Clayoquot Sound, and are a favorite
stopping point for boaters who cruise these waters in the Summer months.
Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen looked West to Whaler Islets and the open Pacific Ocean beyond.

Edition Date: August 1985
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers 
Medium: Art Card
Art Card Size: 5.5" x 7" 


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